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about urban habitats forum



Urban Habitats Forum is a professional civil society initiative whose primary purpose is to serve as a multi-disciplinary public awareness and educational platform, and to facilitate positive change in India's cities by engaging all stakeholders of society in shaping India's built environment.

It has been established on the premise that sustainable urban development needs a shared vision of the future. Such a vision will lead to the
creation of a manifesto of citizens aspirations that can guide policy and programmes. Underpinning its commitment to developing an  alternative urban vision and agenda that considers liveability and sustainability as key parameters for rolex replica success in the development of India's cities, the Forum co-hosted the first Habitat Summit with the India Habitat Centre from September 24-26 2009.

The Summit served as a communication vehicle to position key policy issues and to highlight opportunities for positive change by showcasing community-oriented urban renewal projects. The Summit has been conceived as a replicable/exportable model which the Urban Habitats Forum intends to expand across India's capital cities by 2012.

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