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1st habitat summit



Presenting Organisations | Strategic Partners | Supporting Organisations | Outreach Partners


Presenting Organisations

India Habitat Centre
Urban Habitats Forum


Strategic Partners

The Climate Project - India
The Sustainable Planet Institute
Sierra Club
Planning Commission of India
Punj Lloyd Group

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Supporting Organisations

National Association of Street Vendors of India
Jamia Millia Islamia University
Bay Area Council
Economic Institute
World Wildlife Fund
School of Planning & Architecture

National Council of Applied
Economic Research
National Institute of
Urban Affairs
Institute of
Urban Designers - India

Centre for Policy Research
Anagram Architects
Monitor Inclusive Markets
Centre for Liveable Cities
Behtar Delhi Wolfensohn Center for Development
Institute of Urban Transport
Institute for Competitiveness
Kaimal Chatterjee and Associates
Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India


Outreach Partners

Indian Youth Climate Network
Global Development Network
National Association of Student
of Architecture, India
The YP Foundation


Association of Municipalities and Development Authorities



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