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Catalysts of Change: Leveraging Sports and Culture for Development of India's Cities
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
26 September 08

The 3rd Urban Habitats Forum Symposium discussed the far-reaching positive impact that mega-sports and cultural events can have on the social, economic, physical landscape of a city.

The “Catalysts of Change” Symposium brought diverse practitioners to discuss how Indian cities may leverage mega sports and cultural events for transformation of urban space. Examples cited by the speakers included, the Volvo Ocean Race, the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Rajasthan International Folk Festival, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

From L to R: Anupam Yog, Mirabilis Advisory, RMS Liberhan, India Habitat Center,
Manisha Malhotra, Mittal Champions Trust, Malav Shroff, Ocean Blue,
Divya Kumar Bhatia
, Rajasthan International Folk Festival;
Shovana Narayan
, 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee

Symposium Papers
  A retrospective of the event
Image Gallery

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