Green Shortcuts

By Swati Janu

“Green Shortcuts” highlights the challenge of traffic management and increased congestion in urban India. The idea, showcased via the medium of a short film, is about the increasing dependence of the Indian urban citizen on personal motorised vehicles and the cities’ complete disregard for public transportation and pedestrian infrastructure. The film presents the ‘view of the road’ from the point of view of various street elements, such as an autorickshaw, a car, and even a cow. While these elements might or might not necessarily belong on the road, they are all, in a way, an intrinsic part of Indian roads. The film ends with the following message “The population of Delhi is over 16 million… Every day, 665 people migrate to Delhi... Every day, 994 cars are purchased in the city. While motorised vehicles constitute nearly 90 per cent of the traffic, they carry less than 20 per cent of the commuters . The rest of Delhi travels by bus, walks or cycles. It’s high time we rethought our transport networks.”

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